Tuesday, July 21, 2015

The Neon Beat on Radio George - 7.20.15

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 1: Perry Como opens this hour with his 1950 hit song performed with The Ramblers, “Don’t Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes.” The Lettermen follow up with their take on the old Four Coins hit from the 1950’s, “Shangri La.” Petula Clark remembers a little Love American Style with her hit single, “American Boys.” Listen to Frank Sinatra as he brews up a little “Witchcraft” with Nelson Riddle’s Orchestra. Enjoy great instrumentals with Henry Mancini, Walter Wanderley, Andre Previn and Ferranti and Teicher. We’ll include a few 70’s memories with The Carpenters with “Rainy Days and Mondays” and Carly Simon’s hit single from a James Bond movie. We’ll reunite the 1960’s singing group The Association to sing with Barry Manilow with two songs for the price of one. Enjoy hit songs by Kay Starr, Tom Jones, and The Lovin’ Spoonful. Listen now at: http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 2: Rosemary Clooney teams up with Perez Prado and his Orchestra for a salsa version of “Magic Is the Moonlight.” Then we’ll join up Tony Bennett with the Mitch Miller gang for a hit song from “Bye Bye Birdie.” We’ll go “Swinging Down the Lane” with Frank Sinatra then listen to Harry James and his Orchestra with Helen Forest singing “I’m Beginning to See the Light.” Sarah Vaughan sings a lovely version of “Misty” taken from one of several recording sessions with Quincy Jones. Hear Nat King Cole sing a Bert Kaempfert song that found its way into a Hallmark TV commercial. We’ll bring back Rosemary Clooney with Bing Crosby as we “Come to the Mardis Gras.” Hear The Lettermen with the theme from the 1961 film, “A Summer Place” followed up by Vic Damone singing a song from “Pal Joey.” We’ll spin records by The Ames Brothers, Lou Rawls, Trini Lopez, Vikki Carr and more. Leave comments see the playlists at: http://theneonbeat.blogspot.com/

On the Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 3: Dean Martin gets this great set underway with the song, “You’re Nobody Til Somebody Loves You.” Then begin to “Feeling Good” as we listen to the title track from that album by Canadian Michael Buble. The Carpenters sing a great Carole King song followed up by a lovely instrumental from the film, “Hi Lili, Hi Lili, Hi Lo” played by pianist Roger Williams. We’ll listen to one of Doris Day’s charting records called, “Everybody Loves a Lover” followed by a 1964 film track by Henry Mancini from the movie “Charade.” Ella Fitzgerald will sing a toe tapping Irving Berlin number, “Let Yourself Go” followed by Ray Charles singing the song, “Ruby” from his ABC Paramount years. Enjoy an old 1956 Leroy Anderson hit delivered by Hugo Winterhalter’s Orchestra: “Blue Tango.” Bette Midler sings a song from the Disney film, “Lady and the Tramp.” Hear Tom Jones, Nat King Cole, Terry Gilkyson, Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis and more. Listen at: http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Neon Beat on Radio George - 7.14.15

On the Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 1: Dean Martin kicks off another great week of hits with “On An Evening In Roma.” Rosemary Clooney takes the stage next with her 1951 hit written (in part) by the same man who was the voice of David Seville (Alvin and The Chipmunks). Listen to Tom Jones singing a song that’s still a smokin’ hit today, written by Paul Anka. We’ll do a little Rat Packin’ with Frank, Dino and Sammy. Listen to one of several hit songs Nat King Cole recorded with the Four Knights. Eddie Fisher (ala Sonny Boy) will sing one of his 1950’s hit songs, “I Need You Know.” Connie Francis sings one used in the soundtrack of the TV show, “Pan Am.” Enjoy some classic period folk with the Kingston Trio, “The MTA.” We’ll spin hit records by The Ray Charles Singers, The Lettermen, Sam Cooke, the McGuire Sisters and more. Go to: http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 2: Perry Como launches this set with one of his period sock hop hits, “Tina Marie.” Then Listen to the Marvelous Marilyn Maye with a vocal take on a great Dave Brubeck hit. Sammy Davis Jr is next with a snappy version of the song, “On a Clear Day.” (Listen for the plug for a period airline) Enjoy some great big band with Jimmy Dorsey, and Harry James. We’ll play a WW2 song by the Andrews Sisters not played by many radio stations given many radio programmers considered it a free plug for Coca Cola. Listen to a big Chicago boy whom, at the time, voiced TV commercials for Budweiser. Listen to Lou Rawls singing the song “Nobody but Me.” Great instrumentals by Horst Jankowski, Al Hirt, and David Rose. You’ll hear The Platters, Debbie Reynolds, Engelbert Humperdinck and more. Leave comments, see the playlists at: http://theneonbeat.blogspot.com/

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 3: The Ames Brothers start this set with a jazz standard, “Undecided.” Listen to Canadian sensation Michael Buble with “I’ve Got You under My Skin.” We’ll team up Nat King Cole with the Ralph Carmichael Orchestra and Chorus remembering “Those Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer.” Hear Andy Williams’ 1963 chart hit, “Can’t Get Used to Losing You.” Listen to Barbra Streisand with a song from “West Side Story” from her stunning Broadway album. Hear the super chart hit by Johnny Mathis that was to stay on the charts for over a year. Hear Vikki Carr sing a song from “Oklahoma” and The Four Freshmen with a mid-fifties hit song, “Day by Day.” We’ll spin a latter 1940’s hit song pairing up Doris Day with Buddy Clark, “Love Somebody” but I won’t say who. Bing Crosby croons one of his many hit songs for Decca, “Where the Blue of the Night Meets the Gold of the Day.” Instrumentals by Morris Stoloff, Glenn Miller and more. Listen at: http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/

Monday, July 6, 2015

The Neon Beat on Radio George - 7.6.15

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 1: Will everyone here kindly “Step to the Rear” as the Marvelous Marilyn Maye kicks off this great set of golden hits. Dean Martin is next to “Lay Some Happiness” on ya. Enjoy one of several period novelty songs performed by The Gaylords: “The “Little Shoemaker.” Rosemary Clooney recalls a hit song from the film “the Harvey Girls.” Doris Day sings a song from the Broadway play “Pal Joey.” We’ll spin some great instrumentals by Henry Mancini, Hugo Winterhalter with pianist Eddie Heywood, and Tommy Dorsey. Don McClean sings one of his beautiful hit songs, “Castles in the Air.” We’ll team up Frank Sinatra with Keely Smith for, “How Ya Fixed For Love.” Nat King Cole takes a stab at a rock n’ roll hit with his 1957 song, “Send For Me.” Pat Boone performs one of two charting hits for that year, “Love Letters in the Sand.” Hear songs by Dionne Warwick, Johnny Mathis, Bobby Rydell, and more. Listen at: http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 2: The Seekers kick off this segment with a film hit called, “Georgie Girl.” The Crew Cuts follow up with their 1950’s charting hit originally called, “Life Could Be a Dream.” More popularly known as “Sh-Boom.” Here a Lettermen hit giving you two songs for the price of one, “Memories” and “Traces.” Frank Sinatra performs a song with Nelson Riddle’s Orchestra, “It Happened in Monterrey.” We’ll play a song one reviewer called “the perfect theatre song,” “April in Paris” sung by Rosemary Clooney. Listen to Vic Damone as he sings a Broadway hit from, “West Side Story.” Hear the ol’ maestro, Lawrence Welk as he conducts his orchestra’s 1961 hit, “Calcutta.” Hear the lovely voice of Sarah Vaughan as she performs the song, “Eternally.” We’ll spin songs by Tony Bennett, Peggy Lee, The Vogues and more. See the lists leave comments at: http://theneonbeat.blogspot.com/

On the Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 3: Louis Armstrong toots out and sings the great Broadway song, “Hello Dolly.” Harry Belefonte is next with his rowdy 1950’s hit song, “Jump in the Line.” Listen to Judy Garland with a great Gershwin song heard in the 1943 movie, “Girl Crazy.” Hear Della Reese sing her 1959 chart hit, “Don’t You Know.” Frank Sinatra takes it “Nice N’ Easy” with Nelson Riddle and his orchestra. Enjoy a lovely song performed by the man who also sang the theme from the television series, “the Love Boat.” Mr. Jack Jones sings, “Lollipops and Roses.” Hear Doris Day’s signature song from the film, The Man Who Knew Too Much.” We’ll reunite the Limelighters for their fun 1961 chart hit, “Dollar Down and a Dollar a Week.” We’ll team up the great jazz pianist George Shearing with Nat King Cole for the song, “Let There Be Love.” We’ll spin records by Bobby Goldsboro, Les Baxter, Peggy Lee and much more. http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/