Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Neon Beat - Radio George Playlist - 10.29.12

On The Neon Beat this-a week, Jukebox 1: Louis Prima & Keely open this hour with "That Old Black Magic." Mel Carter follows with his chart hit, "Hold Me Thrill Me." Peggy Lee sings a big band standard with Benny Goodman, "Why Don't You Do Right." Perry Como teams up with Betty Hutton for a fun number from "Guys & Dolls." Enjoy Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters with "Pistol Packin' Mama." Hear Ella Fitzgerald sing "It's Only A Paper Moon" with The Delta Rhythm Boys. Hear The Carpenters, Dean Martin, Robert Goulet and lotz mo!

On the Neon Beat this week, Juke 2: We launch this hour with Jo Stafford's, "The Gentleman Is A Dope." Hear Walter Wanderley's 1966 hit on the Hammond B-3 organ, "Summer Samba." Listen to Nancy Wilson as she sings her 1964 Grammy Award winning hit, "You Don't Know How Glad I Am." Hear Dean Martin play the coke bottle thru his hit song, "Houston." Rosemary Clooney and Bing Crosby team up for a great big band hit, "I Can't Get Started." Listen to some honey in the horn with Al Hirt playing, "Cotton Candy." Hear Andy Williiams, Debbie Reynolds, Peggy Lee, Vic Damone and lots'a more.

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 3: This hour opens with a theme from a 1960's lark spy film called "Casino Royale." Herb Alpert plays it. Then we "Sway" with Michael Buble. Sammy Davis Jr. sings his hit song, "I've Gotta Be Me." Enjoy some folk shipwreck songs with The Kingston Trio and Gordon Lightfoot. Hear Perrry Como's "Dream On Little Dreamer." Judy Garland performs a song dedicated to actor Clark Gable. Listen to Neil Sedaka's great comeback hit, "Laughter In The Rain." The Carpenters, Kay Starr, Nat King Cole and lots more! http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Neon Beat on Radio George - 10.22.12

On The Neon Beat his week, Jukebox 1: We offer a birthday tribute to Annette Funicello in this set and play her 1960 hit, "Pineapple Princess." The hour kicks off with a great toe tapper by The Mills Bros, "Glow Worm." Then listen to Tony Bennett as he sings a hit from Bye Bye Birdie. Listen to Engelbert Humperdinck's great comeback hit, "After The Lovin" Then we'll remember "Those Lazy Crazy Hazy Days Of Summer" with Nat King Cole. Hear a lush arrangement by Ray Charles as he sings "Ruby." Enjoy an instrumental great from 1968 with Paul Mauriat, "Love Is Blue. Perry Como, Vikki Carr, Lawrence Welk...Lots more...

On The Neon Beat this week, Juke 2: We kick off this hour with The Four Aces singing a great Harold Arlen song. Listen to Dino with "You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You." Enjoy Petula Clark with her 1967 smash hit, "Don't Sleep In The Subway." Hear some great film music as Ferranti and Teicher play the "Theme From Exodus." Ella Fitzgerald sings some great jazz, "Let Yourself Go." Tony Bennett croons "Fly Me To The Moon." We continue our B-day tribute to Annette Funicello with "Tall Paul." Hear Dave Brubeck, Lou Rawls, Andy Williams, Sinatra and more..

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 3: This hour begins with a big chart hit by The Four Coins, "Shangri La." Frank Sinatra and the kids follow with the 1959 song, "High Hopes." Vic Damone sings a song from "Gigi." Listen to Tom Jones as he belts out, "Daughter Of Darkness." Listen to a great Hal David, Burt Bacharach song sung by Dionne Warwick. Hear Jimmie Rogers with "Uh Oh, Falling In Love Again" followed by a great Statler Bros hit. Hear Michael Buble, Jo Stafford, Henry Mancini, Mel Torme and lots more... http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Neon Beat on Radio George - 10.15.12

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 1: This hour we kick it off with one of Kay Starr's most beloved chart hits, "The Rock N' Roll Waltz." Then, we get our kicks on "Route 66" with the Nat King Cole trio. Johnny Mathis sings a song with an unknown "vapour girl" saying, "don't go" "What Will My Mary Say?" (apparently..dont go) Listen to Harry James with Helen Forrest singing, "I'm Beginning To See The Light." Al Hirt plays his 1964 hit, "Java." Hear Marilyn Maye's, "Cabaret." "Dream A Little Dream" with Satchmo and we do a little rat packin' with Sammy Davis Jr. and Dino, "Sam's Song" (quite funny!)

On The Neon Beat this week, Juke 2: Vaughn Monroe launches this hour with his signature hit, "Racing With The Moon." The first lady of swing, Ella Fitz, follows with "It's Too Darned Hot!" Hear the Toronto quartet that introduced a rhythm and blues hit in the 1950's called "Sh Boom." Listen to Sinatra as he croons "All The Way." Hear Horst Jankowski's 1966 instrumental hit, "A Walk In The Black Forest." Enjoy Doris Day's "Everybody Loves A Lover," Robert Goulet, Big Crosby, Pat Boone, Elvis and more..

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 3: We kick this hour with a great pairing of Bette Midler & Barry Manilow doing an old Peggy Lee hit, "I Love Being Here With You." The Four Lads follow up with a feel good song from "Gypsy." Listen to Engelbert Humperdinck as he sings a song from a Brit film centered about Belsize Park in London. Hear Rose Clooney's 1951 chart hit song, "Comon' A My House." Shuffle pink with Henry Mancini's "the Pink Panther Theme." Hear Bobby Darin, Andy Williams, Frank Sinatra and MOre. http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New Logos - Part Two

New Logos - Part One

Neon Beat Jukebox - 10.10.12

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 1: Nat King Cole starts off this hour with a song that would be one of his first hits to take on the new beat. Rock n' Roll. Hear Nat Cole's "Send For Me." Listen to a fun salsa treatment of a period hit folk song of the day, "Lemon Tree" by Trini Lopez. Listen to Patti Page with her 1956 hit, "Old Cape Cod." Hear Al Martino's "Mary In The Morning." Listen to Columbia Picture's Morris Stoloff and his masterful rendition of "The Theme From Picnic." Hear Tony Bennett, The McGuire Sisters, Eddie Fisher, Marilyn Maye and lots more..

The week on The Neon Beat, Juke 2: Barbra Streisand begins this hour with "Putting It Together" from that standout Broadway Album from the 1980's. The Ames Brothers perform a big band standard called "Undecided." Then we take it "Nice N' Easy" with Frank Sinatra. Hear Nat King Cole sing what was the most popular recorded version of "Autumn Leaves." Listen to Dean Martin's "Chapel In The Moonlight." Vic Damone sings a fine rendition of a song from "West Side Story." Hear The Four Lads with a Frank Loesser hit, The Andrews Sisters, Bette Midler, The Mills Bros and more..

This week on The Neon Beat Jukebox 3: We open this hour with Les Brown with his Band Of Reknown, with Doris Day singing a great Gershwin song, "S' Wonderful." Then listen to Bobby Darin's 1959 smash hit, "Mack The Knife." Kay Starr sings "Night Train" taken from an album thought to be one of her best. We do a fun summer sweep with The Lettermen, Chad & Jeremy, and Robert Goulet. Hear Perry Como, Michael Buble, Petula Clark, Glenn Campbell and lots more... http://www.radiogeorge.com/neonbeat/

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Neon Beat on Radio George - 10.1.12

On The Neon Beat this week Jukebox 1: "Step To The Rear" by Marilyn Maye gets this hour of to a rousing start. Frank Sinatra follows up with "You Do Something To Me." We'll swing "The Mole" with Harry James. Listen to Michael Buble as h
e sings the great standard, "Save The Last Dance For Me." Hear Perry Como's 1956 chart hit, "Hot Diggity!" Listen to Satchmo's "Hello Dolly." Rosemary Clooney sings a great standared thought to be the best theatre song written, "April In Paris." Hear Nat King Cole's "Pretend", Bobby Goldsboro, Judy Garland, and "Moon River" as we remember Andy Williams.

On the Neon Beat this week Juke 2: Our opener is "Wake The Town & Tell The People" by Les Baxter. Pat Boone follows with his 1957 chart hit, "Love Letters In the Sand" Sammy Davis Jr. teams up with Count Basie on the chain gang with "The  Work Song." Della Reese sings her 1959 hit, "Don't You Know." Spend an "Evening in Roma" with Dino. We continue to remember Andy Williams with "Summer Of Our Love." Hear Michael Buble, The Kingston Trio, Doris Day, The 4 Freshmen and lots more.

On the Neon Beat this week Jukebox 3: We open this hour with a razzy piece that found it's way into many comedy venues including "The Benny Hill" show. Boots Randolph plays "Yakety Sax." Then listen to Bette Midler teaming up with Barry  Manilow as they sing a Peggy Lee standard together. Dean Martin sings "If." Sinatra remembers, "The Summer Wind." Doris Day beckons with her lush version of "Moonglow." Hear Marilyn Maye, Nat King cole Glen Campbell, Don Gibson and more..