Friday, August 17, 2012

Neon Beat on Radio George - 8.6.12

On the Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 1: Peggy Lee fires off the hour with a smokin' version of "Come Back To Me." Frank Sinatra follows up with "South Of The Border." Then mercy mercy Puddin' Pie! Listen to a fun number called "Tweedle De
e" sung by Georgia Gibbs. Hear big daddy Burl Ives sing "Little Bitty Tear." Listen to a lovely version of "Scarlett Ribbons" by the English Seafarer. Gorgeous rendition. (Roger Whittaker) Dean Martin, Rosemary Clooney, Michael Buble and more.

On The Neon Beat Jukebox 2: East Coast sensation Steven Maglio sings the lead cut from his "Songs For Sinatra Lovers" album. Petula Clark follows with "Don't Sleep In The Subway." Listen to an old roller rink standard by Bent Fabric orig
inally called "around the piano" For western marketing it was called "Alley Cat." Frank Sinatra sings "Nice N' Easy." Hear a great Dorsey number called "Song Of India." Patti Page, Ray Charles gets "Busted" Dean Martin and mo.

On The Neon Beat this week, Juke 3: "Hold Me, Thrill Me" with Mel Carter kicks off this hour. Then "Let's Dance" with Benny Goodman. Nat King Cole sings a lovely ballad, "Our Love Is Here To Stay." Here the Leroy Anderson tune that beca
me what many of us called, The Late Show theme. And "The Best Is Yet To Come" with Tony Bennett. Judy Garland, Stan Getz, Brook Benton's "Shadrack" and mucho more.

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