Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Neon Beat Jukebox - 10.10.12

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 1: Nat King Cole starts off this hour with a song that would be one of his first hits to take on the new beat. Rock n' Roll. Hear Nat Cole's "Send For Me." Listen to a fun salsa treatment of a period hit folk song of the day, "Lemon Tree" by Trini Lopez. Listen to Patti Page with her 1956 hit, "Old Cape Cod." Hear Al Martino's "Mary In The Morning." Listen to Columbia Picture's Morris Stoloff and his masterful rendition of "The Theme From Picnic." Hear Tony Bennett, The McGuire Sisters, Eddie Fisher, Marilyn Maye and lots more..

The week on The Neon Beat, Juke 2: Barbra Streisand begins this hour with "Putting It Together" from that standout Broadway Album from the 1980's. The Ames Brothers perform a big band standard called "Undecided." Then we take it "Nice N' Easy" with Frank Sinatra. Hear Nat King Cole sing what was the most popular recorded version of "Autumn Leaves." Listen to Dean Martin's "Chapel In The Moonlight." Vic Damone sings a fine rendition of a song from "West Side Story." Hear The Four Lads with a Frank Loesser hit, The Andrews Sisters, Bette Midler, The Mills Bros and more..

This week on The Neon Beat Jukebox 3: We open this hour with Les Brown with his Band Of Reknown, with Doris Day singing a great Gershwin song, "S' Wonderful." Then listen to Bobby Darin's 1959 smash hit, "Mack The Knife." Kay Starr sings "Night Train" taken from an album thought to be one of her best. We do a fun summer sweep with The Lettermen, Chad & Jeremy, and Robert Goulet. Hear Perry Como, Michael Buble, Petula Clark, Glenn Campbell and lots more...

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