Monday, May 19, 2014

The Neon Beat on Radio George - 5.19.14

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 1: The Drifters go where the Neon lights are bright as we open up Juke 1. Elvis Presley takes us where the Neon never stops as he sings, "Viva Las Vegas." We team up Bing Crosby with Frank Sinatra with a fun film classic, "Well Did You Evah?" Hear Nat King Cole sing "Rambling Rose." Connie Francis performs a song taken from the soundtrack of the TV series "Pan Am." We'll do a little "Jump Jive and Wail" with Louis Prima & Keely Smith. Engelbert Humperdinck sings "The Last Waltz." Hear Dinah Shore, Ames Brothers, Johnny Mathis, and sing along with Mitch. These and mo' at .... Have a splendid week !

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 2: Get ready to "Sway" as we kick off this hour with Dean Martin. Frank Sinatra follows up with one of his number one charting standards, "Strangers In the Night." Hear Louis Armstrong with "Mame." Georgia Gibbs performs a whimsical little hit chart diddy called "Tweedle Dee." Nat King Cole sings, "A Blossom Fell." Listen to a great 1959 Marty Robbins favorite from the old west, "El Paso." Enjoy the great New Orleans trumpet of Al Hirt with "Bourbon Street Parade." Hear Frankie Avalon, Tom Jones, Anne Murray and more. Leave comments, see the playlists at

On The Neon Beat this week, Jukebox 3: Frank Sinatra launches this set with "Come Fly With Me." Next we play a James Bond film theme sung by Matt Monro. We'll listen to a fun Dean Martin song heard in the film "Oceans 11" Mary Martin sings a song that launched her career, "My Heart Belongs to Daddy." Hear some great big band with Glenn Miller, Harry James, and Ella Fitzgerald singing a great Artie Shaw song. Hear the iconic favorite performed by Gene Kelly. Listen to The Four Freshmen, Lena Horne, Les Baxter and much more at..


  1. For my money, "Come Fly With Me" is still the quintessential Frank Sinatra song. Whenever I hear it, I have to stop what I'm doing and just listen to the way he sings it. I never get tired of hearing it.

  2. Funny you should mention.. I was listening to the song with my wife a couple of evenings ago and she said the same thing. It's one of those songs, "signature" to the era up there with "Unforgettable" and "Song From Moulin Rouge" though not nearly as overplayed. I'll turn it up every time.