Monday, August 18, 2014

Neon Beat on Radio George - 8.4.14

On The Neon Beat this hour, Jukebox 2: Perry Como and The Fontane Sisters do a great Milton Delugg polka arrangement of "Hoop De Doo." The Ames Brothers fill the speakers next with a great old Glenn Miller standard. Rosemary Clooney performs her take on a country song, "Just Because." Listen to Eddie Fisher with his 1952 hit, "Anytime." Nat King Cole croons his early 1950's standard that defined the era, "Unforgettable." Listen to Gale Garnett's "We'll Sing In The Sunshine." Great instrumentals by Lawrence Welk, Glen Gray, and Henry Mancini. Hits by Petula Clark, The Browns, Bing Crosby and more. See the playlists leave comments at:

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