Monday, January 9, 2017

Neon Beat Update on Radio George - 1.3.16

On The Neon Beat this Week: Some problems to begin the new year. Please note: The trouble is not in your set. Read on. Quick Note on Radio George Status/Performance
You may have experienced unexplained pauses and/or delays in music on Radio George the last couple of days, especially on The Neon Beat. Our site host came under a Denial of Service hacking attack 3 days ago, which is causing visitors a lot of annoyance.

Don't worry about anything affecting your computer!

This is a massive attempt by some hacker to cause trouble for the web host company, not for the sites it hosts. The "shields were up" right away when the trouble started, and the ripple effects are simply nuisances.

We have literally spent hours with techs and engineers checking this out for your safety and are as happy as we can be to say that any slowdowns are purely on our end and cannot affect your computer.
When will it end? Amazingly enough, no one can even make a likely guess! The general consensus seems to be anytime between a few minutes from now to a few more days.

We can tell you that we've already begun steps to add another layer of security so that if anything like this should happen again, Radio George will not be affected by it--and yes, there is a way to do that!
So hang in there with us. We'll let you know when everything is back to where it's supposed to be in the January 2017 newsletter---soon, we hope!

Kind regards,
Radio George Team

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